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Hello Beautiful, Welcome to my journey! I made this blog to help me stay inspired and to stay motivated for a healthy living life style! To lose weight and to keep it off. & I hope that I can help others who need it. Support team is key! Join me in my journey to lose fat & stay fit!
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Own It Today!: PROMO!



Every 10 likes I get on that page I will do a random promo for 3 people that have re-blogged.. This offer END on 31st of may. 

On this fitness Facebook page, You can share your progress pictures, your stories, I will give tips and tricks, videos, motivation pictures and quotes. and maybe if the account does really well I will do some giveaways down the road. 

I love my fitness blog on tumblr but I feel like it will be easier to connect with others on facebook ‘like page’  

READY. SET….. GO!!! 

Own it fitness

Just made a fitness facebook, add and share. 

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My fridge; Breakfast- no cook overnight oatmeal. Apple and cinnamon, chocolate chips. lunches- salads. Egg salad, regular salad,and veggie meat salad. Drinks- green tea with lemon, passion tea, lemon water. No sweetener. I also have a little box for snacks for the week. @karenakatrina #bikiniseries #TIUTeam #TIUSpringFever
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Who has a keek?

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Today’s fitness thought, I need to buy a bike. Haha I haven’t been on a bike for 10 years and I used to love it. And living in the middle of the ‘woods’ pretty much, there is coyotes and mountain lions around and I don’t feel safe walking the private ride “1 mile” (There and back total of 2 miles) I would just feel safer riding a bike so if something came at me I know I will have at least a chance to get away. So yeah that is my thought. and hopefully I can buy one this month or next month.. 

Someone asked me. “Do you want a thigh gap” 

Honestly I am not sure, it’s not on my goal list. Some people are built for one and other’s aren’t so I am not going to be obsessed with it. I am going to stick with the goals I know I can achieve.  if I get one then awesome the only reason I would want one is so that I can wear shorts and dresses and not worry about my thighs rubbing together I am sure most girls know that is extremely   uncomfortable and can be painful at the end of the day especially in hot weather.    

The bottom line is, thigh gap no thigh gap - As long as I hit my fitness goal and I am healthy then I will be proud.. 

Did my measurments today, and I lost one itch off my thighs. Yay.

Hiking adventure. @karenakatrina #bikiniseries #TIUTeam #TIUSpringFever
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